Ultra Sailing Boats produces the LJK23 by Juan_K, a high-performance version of the Optimist, which is more efficient than the models available on the market, offering equipment and rigging solutions that make the boat more attractive and interesting to youngsters.

The project is based on the cooperation of various experts in the field, such as:

Juan Kouyoumdjian


Stefano Lillia


Massimo Leporati


Stefano, a member of a family that has been producing racing boats since 1957, with a collection of 7 Olympic medals and several world championships.
Stefano Lillia currently produces Dinghy 12P, Snipe, Fun and Star.

Stefano is the project manager with the task of liaising between the design study, construction optimisation and final quality control.

Stefano will provide all the know-how necessary to ensure the construction of a boat that, while respecting the limits imposed by the class rules, can be the most performing both for young and older experienced sailors.

Enrico, born in Luino in 1963, is a lifelong sailor, a successful regatta sailor and sail expert, a specialist on One Design boats, with several national titles on his palmares and a member of the Pro Laghi Loft team. He will have the task of marketing the Optimist LJK23 in Italy, using the Luino branch as a show room and as a base for final quality control, fitting out the boats and finally shipping them worldwide.

Massimo, an entrepreneur with a passion for sailing and a fair amount of racing experience behind him, is a founding partner of Ultra Sailing Boats and will be the driving force behind the team. His expertise and experience will be the main assets to ensure that Ultra Sailing Boats will be able to produce, market and launch the new Optimist Lillia LJK23 model.